Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Guest post from John Ryan

At last nights RTC meeting Mr Searles repudiated Chairman Roczynski'srequest..and I emphasize request for his and Eileen Power's resignation from the slate of candidates for the November Election. He stated the issue was out of order and as such should not be considered. Apparently Jon didn't read the bylaws of the Town Committee that permit the Chairman to act unilaterally if necessary
Article 6 Miscellaneous
Section 4 Policies: The Town Committee Chairman at any time may take positive action in regard to policy deemed to be in the best interest of the Republican Party. Such action may be unilateral if the exigencies of the situation require it.
So again Jon are you going to respond..or continue to dodge the issue. Also one of the pictures on your EHTEA website is extremely misleading. The Pac did not provide those school supplies..The East Hartford Republican Town Committee did. Is this more of your misrepresentations to the people of EastHartford?
John Ryan

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  1. John,
    I commend you and the selection committee as a whole for doing a great job. I also wanted to say that shortly after this post, Jon Searles changed the caption on the School Supply drive picture. I want to commend you for your accuracy,and I also wanted to let the taxpayers know, that indeed Jon Searles is misleading them every chance he gets, until he is caught. Keep your eyes open East Hartford!