Thursday, November 5, 2009

Election Results

SUSAN SKOWRONEK won a seat on the Town Council! Susan and I (along with Mike, Debra and Eric) have been working really close with Susan S. during this campaign. I cannot express how truly happy I am for her. She has worked hard for many years, and never deceived the people. I cannot wait to see what she brings foward.

The other Town Council seats went to:
Kehoe, Horan, Russo, Rossi, Leclerc, and Weinberg for Dems
Don Pitkin, Eric Thompson, and Susan Skowronek for Republicans.
Don Pitkin announced in the paper that this was his last term, so this is a perfect opportunityfor him to elect Eric as minority leader. This way he can help Eric and teach him about Minority leading before he leaves.

The Board of Ed seats went to:
J. Currey, Hall, and Harris for Dems
Damaschi and Oladell for Republicans.
I am curious to see what new ideas come foward.

J. R. Pellitier kept Selectman seat, and I am curious to see if Mike Brinius's sidewalk idea passes.
Stephen Roczynski, Michelle Locke, and Esther Clarke kept their Constable seats.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


With the upcoming Election Please vote for the endorsed Republican Team. Also please see for some last minute articles.
If ride to the polls is needed please call 819-2329